My friend got told her two-year-old son had holes in his teeth. Is that possible?

Early childhood caries (ECC) or decay affects about one in 10 children under the age of two. Milk and sugars being in contact with the child mouth/teeth for extended periods of times, particularly over the night time can cause ECC. Children also have bacteria in…

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Is it ok to use a dummy (pacifier)?

Firstly, let accept it – sucking is a basic infantile instinct. According to the British Dental Association and the current evidence suggests there is little reason for concern unless the habit is prolonged or inappropriate. Ok, what does that mean for my child? If the…

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My child has two rows of teeth. Is this normal?

As your child gets older and ready to lose their baby (primary) teeth and develop their adult (permanent) teeth, you may notice that they have two sets of teeth. Moreover, although this may seem a concern, it occurs in almost 30 per cent of children…

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How do I make my child’s first dental visit positive ?

How do I make my child’s first dental visit positive ? We all want the dental visit to be a good experience. As paediatric dentists, we prefer to leave the tooth, if it means creating a positive dental experience! We know from research that parents…

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Trauma in baby teeth

So last week we had young James visit our practice as he had fallen down and pushed his baby tooth quite significantly inwards and his mother asked me a real question which I feel is important for us as parents to know but also one…

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Does teething in my baby cause fevers and the “grizzles“ ?

Parenting an infant and toddler can be challenging, particularly being unable to completely understand what our children are saying to us. Inevitably, it becomes a guessing game between nappies, feed, lack of sleep. Of course if all of these are checked then often teething is…

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When should I take my child for their first dental visit ?

Most of the worlds oral health advocatory bodies, including our own Australian Dental Association, recommend that a child’s first dental examination occurs at the time of the eruption of the first tooth and no later than 12 months of age. And while this may seem…

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Why are baby teeth important ?

If I had a dollar for each time I responded to the question, “but they’re just baby teeth right? They will fall out anyway, so they don’t really matter, right?”……you guessed it. However, research has shown that where primary teeth (or baby teeth) are well…

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