What parents need to know about teeth grinding or clenching in children

Teeth grinding or clenching can be a common issue among adults and children. Also known as bruxism, it is a repetitive jaw-muscle activity with thrusting of the bottom jaw (mandible) and can occur either during sleep or when awake. In adults it can lead to…

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What is a pulpotomy procedure and why may your child need one?

A pulpotomy procedure usually takes place in an effort to restore a tooth where bacteria from decay has reached the nerve tissue. In some cases when a tooth has suffered trauma the nerve tissue and blood vessels (usually called the pulp) can become exposed. Whilst…

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Is it safe to insert a zirconia crown on a baby tooth?

Most adults are fairly familiar with the concept of a metal or zirconia crown as a means of protecting a damaged tooth.  However, what may not be as widely known is the fact that dental crowns can – and often are – used on baby…

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How much sugar per day is okay for kids?

With Easter right around the corner there’s no better time than to tackle some of the most common questions we get about kid’s teeth and sugar, including how much sugar per day is okay for your child to consume.  Of course we’re not going to…

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Does your child need fissure sealants?

Fissure sealants are very common in both children’s and general dentistry. They are often recommended by a paediatric dentist if a child has a high risk of developing decay in the fissures of their teeth. As such they act as a form of early preventative…

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Six simple steps to achieve healthy teeth for life

There are a lot of reasons why striving for healthy teeth is worth your time – and it’s not just because you’ll have a killer smile to show for it!  Practicing good oral hygiene is the best way to ensure you steer clear of any…

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The surprising bad dental habits your child needs to break in 2022

Encouraging a good oral health care practice for your child should begin as soon as those baby chompers come through! The earlier you start, the less likely it is they will develop bad dental habits later on in life.  Having your little one keep a…

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Xmas tips revealed! How your kids can maintain healthy teeth over the holidays

Helping your child maintain healthy teeth during the Christmas period seems like an impossible challenge with all the lollies, chocolates and sweet desserts…oh my! However neglecting good oral health practices over the holidays can have more of a lasting impact than you think. With more…

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What you need to know about child tooth extraction

Here at Macarthur Paediatric Dentistry we do everything we can to save our patients’ tiny teeth if they have been heavily impacted by decay or infection before we consider child tooth extraction. In the event that your child may have a tooth that is beyond…

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