At Macarthur Paediatric Dentistry, we offer a range of specialist services as your local paediatric dentist.

These include:

Dental Trauma

Dental trauma is common in children as this is the time when they learn to walk and run and are active in sport.

Baby Teeth Trauma – If a child’s baby teeth are knocked out during activities, the injury may have affected other teeth, gums or bone. Although this would not be classified as an emergency, you should consult our surgery as soon as possible.

Permanent Teeth Trauma – If a child’s permanent teeth are knocked out, it should be considered a severe dental emergency, and you should contact us immediately for instructions.

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Restorative Treatment

White Fillings

We commonly use white fillings to restore front and back baby teeth and adult teeth in cases of decay or to repair broken down teeth.

Stainless steel crowns

When your child’s molar teeth are affected by chalky teeth, extensive decay we usually recommend stainless steel crowns.

Pulp Treatment (‘Baby Tooth Root Canal’)

Sometimes cavities can be so deep that they affect nerves of the tooth. When this happens, we perform a pulp treatment or root canal (aka pulpotomy or pulpectomy) in order to repair the tooth.

Space Maintainers

As a specialist children’s dentist, we always try to save your child’s teeth however sometimes an extraction is needed as a last resort option when the tooth is either infected or too severely broken-down. When baby teeth are removed too early, adult teeth can move into the spaces. To stop the molar teeth from shifting where they shouldn’t be, we use a space maintainer.

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Dental Anomalies

At Macarthur Paediatric Dentistry, we recommend regular developmental check-ups and examinations from one year of age onwards. Through early intervention and identification, dental irregularities and other oral issues can be addressed while treatment is more comfortable, less extensive, and faster.

Paediatric Minor Oral Surgeries

Minor oral surgery consists of short-duration surgical procedures that are usually carried out under local anaesthetic. Many oral surgical procedures in children are similar to adults as the basic principles are the same. The most common minor oral surgical procedures undertaken in children are:

  • Primary Teeth Extraction
  • Frenectomy (removal of the tissue fold that attaches the tongue or lips to the jawbone)
  • Infection Treatment

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Special Needs & Medically Compromised Children

The Macarthur Paediatric Dentistry team are highly experienced in offering professional dental care for children with special needs. This includes children who have sensory or motor impairment, physical, genetic, developmental disabilities, dental phobia, and anxiety.

As a specialist children’s dentist, we recognise that children with special needs require extra care, support, and attention to the dentist and we work with you to create a tailored management plan for your child’s needs.

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Treatment Under Sedation

We offer sedation options for different procedures, for a range of reasons. Feel free to discuss your child’s options with a specialist children’s dentist if you would like to find out more.

General Anaesthetic

The situations in which we may recommend general anaesthetic include:

  • when a child is anxious and not likely to cope for the dentist to complete the dental treatment safely
  • if a child needs dental treatment which needs to be completed in one appointment
  • when we need to perform complex dental procedures
  • for a child who is too young to follow directions or understand
  • for a child with special needs

Treatment under happy gas (Inhalation sedation)

Based on your child’s age, the length of the appointment, their level of anxiety, and the type of treatment; we will recommend if happy gas will be beneficial for your child.

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