Why are baby teeth important ?

This is a very common question we all get asked as paediatric dentists.

However, research has shown that where baby teeth are well cared for, better oral health prevails in the adult teeth.

The baby teeth at the front of the mouth (incisors) last until about 6-8 years of age, while those at the back aren’t replaced by their adult successors until the ages of 10-13.

Given the length of time, some of these teeth have to stay in a child’s mouth, the care of these teeth from the outset becomes extremely important as untreated dental disease, or other oral health issues can lead to problems that have an effect on the developing permanent teeth.

Primary teeth are caretakers of space for the developing adult teeth, particularly those back teeth!

It is not uncommon to see the loss of space where baby teeth have large holes and/or have been lost prematurely.

Baby teeth, when well-cared for and present till the right time, help to guide strong, adult teeth into the right spaces.


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